Eddie Garay
Hey! Thanks for stopping to take a look at my ad.

My name is Eddie Garay. I'm a 27 year old Hispanic from Oklahoma. I'm currently serving time for II Degree burglary I committed in 2014. I don't have much time left and was interested in getting to meet new people around the world.

I love to laugh, make people laugh and like a good challenge. Are you, up for one?

I do have a huge heart and deep love for Jesus, family and music.

My hobbies are drawing, writing lyrics and playing handball. While being locked up I have come to a deeper understanding on what life is really about. I'm thankful to God for showing me what it really means to be humble.

I'm seeking friends who want to laugh, have a good time and be a part of my life. I can tell you how I am but it is for you to find out. People say a lot about who they portray to be an don't measure up to it. So that's where you take the initiative in taking the time out of your day and getting to know who I am by writing me introduction.

I'm not asking for nothing but companionship and fun people to talk to. Please don't hesitate in writing me. I have not been held down by my chains so don't let them hold you back from picking up your pen.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I'll be waiting on that special letter to make a difference.

God bless…
Eddie Garay # 633125
Davis Correctional Facility
6888 E 133rd 
Holdenville, OK 74848 USA
2nd Degree Burglary
Release Date
Unknown at the Time
Ad Start: 11-22-18
Ad Expiration:11-22-19