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Charles Clark
Hello, My name is Charles Anzel Clark and I first wanna say thank you for your time in which is precious and of the essence like the gift of life, and yourself. It only takes a moment to make a moment, and thank you for allowing me to have this moment with you. And if you listen to the whispers of your heart in which are compelling you to entertain and indulge in the unknown, delicious, and hearty feast of me, then we will be able to share and create unforgettable monumental moments via enlightening phone conversations and or in the flesh soon.

As we exchange pleasantries and grow further acquainted while exploring the terrains of one another's hearts and mind. I'm excited about this journey and just why God allowed us to cross paths and you should be too! For with me, you get the best of both world's because I put the "G" in gentleman and I know how to treat people, especially women, handling them with the soft and gentle touches of a King and the utmost respect knowing and reminding those alike of their worth.

It is evident that I too, am a very very BAD BOY ;-) WINK! and that's why I am sitting in Big Boy Time Out! :-( Please don't judge me and if you're looking for perfection or someone to sell you a dream then I'm sorry to disappoint you. Because I'm human and mistakes are made by us all.

I'm seeking a special friendship and positive energetic, uplifting connection with someone who's God fearing, ambitious, adventurous, optimistic, sincere, loving, understanding, HILARIOUSLY FUNNY, :-) and dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others while exuding resilience and building a legendary legacy with.

For I am not my past but my potential and we all possess the potential for greatness. Like the snickers slogan says, "Hungry, Why Wait?!"  LOL...Just know that I'm a full course meal so hopefully you don't bite off more than you can chew!! LOL

Either way, no matter what you're going through in life, smile, because you never know whose heart you will touch or day you'll make with your smile. And always remember your 2 blessed 2 be stressed, your beautifully and wonderfully made love, and a very special light in this dark world. Until then, this lil light of mine, Im'a let it shine! :-)

Thanks again, God Bless and I'm patiently waiting on you to LET GO! AND LET GOD! ;-) LOL

Sincerely Spoken,
Charles Anzel Clark

Facilitation to 2nd Degree Murder
Ad Start: 09-09-2021
Ad Expiration: 09-09-2022