Clay Bear
Dear viewer and friend,

Hi there! It is my upmost hope you're fine and in a pleasant mood today. If for any reason you're not, I at least hope I can make your day all the more better.

In this initial introduction I open this furtherr with genuine respect... "Thank you" for reading my ad. Allow me a moment of your valuable time to introduce myself more sufficiently.

My name is Clay. For the most part I am a Native American nationality, with one quarter European ancestry. Born originally in the Golden state of Southern California. Eventually having relocated to Northern Arizona. Now currently a Nevada resident.

I am the true author of my recently published bestseller/nonfiction book titled "Prince of Peace: The Last Days"… In regard to our spiritual journey as children of God into the afterlife. (With various art illustrations included).

I will humbly accept all prayer requests for anyone who desires to send one, even if it is not your intent to have a correspondence. I am more than happy to offer my assistance as a man of faith. Devoutly in service to our beloved Lord and our Savior Jesus Christ, I am a Christian/Catholic.

From a wide perspective I am very understanding, and do warmly welcome your genuine friendship. I enjoy all types of music, pretty much any way; also cooking, traveling, being adventurous, and art as a hobby. I am an artist and have made accomplishments while incarcerated. I am very helpful, caring, honest, a non-smoker nor alcoholic. Furthermore, hard-working and reliable.

Though I have one beautiful daughter from a past relationship, I have never been married.

I was convicted of a robbery offense which occurred in September 1998, that involve two former codefendants. No one was physically injured. Yet despite the allegations against, my strength has always come through my faith, through good and bad, will undoubtedly carry me to the end.

I'm financially secure and able to take care of myself without being a burden to you. I have a medium built, 200 pounds, 6'1" in height, light complected, have short brown hair, light brown colored eyes, clean shaven with a trimmed mustache, and 100% straight heterosexual.

Feel free to ask me anything. I have no reason to tell a lie. I look forward to knowing you. Thank you! Take care and may God be with you.
Clay Bear # 62431
Ely State Prison
P O Box 1989
Ely, NV 89301 USA
Women, Men, Friends
Caucasian, Native American
Christian Catholic
Robbery Offenses
Release Date
Parole Eligible 07/23/22
Ad Start: 01-04-18
Ad Expiration:01-04-20