My name is Eldrick.  I’m from Pineville, LA.  I’m seeking a friend that I can share happiness, joy and laughter with.  I understand that having someone in my life means not having to conquer life alone.

Everyone needs someone to lean on.

I’m respectful, patient, honest, loyal, loving and open-minded.   I’ve been told that I’m a good listener, a hard worker, ambitious, and idealistic.  I love exercising, cooking, and designing.  I’m a certified carpenter with experience in many different fields including operating heavy machinery.  My call of duty is, first and foremost, serving God.  After that comes family.  I could handle my responsibilities as a man because I’m traveling along the path that God has sent before me.  Every woman is a flower.  Regardless of the size or shape of your petals, they’re all perfectly placed and proportioned.  I will never tell you how to be or who to be.  Like a florist, I only want to nourish you and watch you blossom into a dazzling rose that you were meant to be.

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Eldrick Woods # 623985
Ramond L Correction
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport   LA   71327   USA
Eldrick Woods
African American
Forcible Rape
Release Date
Ad Start:   07-22-21
Ad Expiration:  07-22-22
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