Donte Cornett
Hello ladies,

I'm here looking for a friendship that possibly can turn into a relationship eventually.

I'm 6'1" in height, 23 years old, 165 pounds, light-skinned and have dark brown eyes.

I currently have 5 years left of incarceration. I'm an easy-going young man that has a heart of gold and I also cherish the moments that I share with my loved ones.

I have hobbies like working out to keep my body in shape, reading knowledge books, meditating, and listening to music.

I'm searching for a woman that's easily going, love to talk on the phone and write letters, a woman that's not scared to express herself, and also a woman that can stand strong with her man through an obstacle that comes their way.

My goals in life are having kids and raising a family, opening a barbershop, getting a dream home built from ground up, and last but not least, enjoying life with my family.:)

I need a relationship that's built with TRUST, LOYALTY, RESPECT, COMMITMENT, and anything else to have a lifelong & healthy relationship.

I love God and I give all praise and all worship to him. I'm just searching for a good woman to give my all to and share my life with and my vice versa.
Well ladies unfortunately I'm running out of words for right now but if you get to know me, hey; like people always say action speaks louder than words.

I hope to eventually find a woman of my dreams. Are you the lucky lady???? And ladies always remember 1 thing: "Where I am; doesn't define who I am".

Donte Cornett # 621907
1630 Prison Road 
Cottonport, LA 71327 USA
African American
Armed Robbery
Release Date
Ad Start: 11-08-18
Ad Expiration:11-08-20