Leonard Allen
Leonard Allen # 616767
T D C J - ID
610 FM 624
Cotulla   TX   78014   USA
Dear Pen Pals,
I believe there is but one race.  The human race.  That said.  Please don’t let the color of my skin stop you from writing me if we aren’t the same color.

My lady you are the prize.  Bless me by writing me.

I’ve been locked away since 1991 for a sex-assault.  I’m innocent of this crime and will there by try my best to go back to court ASAP!, after my release.  Will explain more when you write me my lady.

I’m very sure I’ll get parole this year.  I lived in City and country both work for me.
I’m looking for my soul mate, a lady that will walk by my side.  Be one with me my queen.  The Prize!

I’ve never been married, so I have no children, but I’m cool if you have any.  I’ll be 60 5-2-61 will hope for someone to write from age 30 to 40’s that don’t mind someone my age.

If you write and would like to, we can have you put on a list to talk on the phone for about 6 cents a minute.  NOT BAD!

Write soon My Lady!

Aggravated Sexual Assault
Release Date
Ad Start: 04-08-21
Ad Expiration:  04-08-22