Joshua Beal
Joshua Beal # 61549
Maine State Prison
807 Cushing Road
Warren   ME   04864   USA
This is something completely new for me, but I’m working on taking a different path in my life, so why not. I’m a little more than half way through my bid of 12 years for aggravated assaults and burglary.

I’m 36 and it’s been a pretty crazy load so far. I’m very determined to turn things around for the future. I know that includes making a lot of changes, especially the people in my life, which is one reason I'm here. I need some REAL people in my life that are on the right path.

I take pride in my loyalty to my friends and family. I have a huge heart, although most people wouldn’t guess that, because I don’t really come off that way. If I let you close enough to me, you will see it without a doubt.

I know I have so much going for me to succeed in the future. I’m smart, I’m a hard worker and I’m pretty good looking. That’s gotta help. I know that I’m meant to do some great things in this life, despite all the chaos and negativity in my past. I’m ready to move forward on this path full of happiness and positivity. No matter what, I’m headed down that road but it would be even better if I could find a great lady to ride along with me. Side by side to help each other through those bad days that come around and even better, to make all those good days the greatest.

I’m not sure how this new journey will be, but I’m willing to lay it all out there to turn things around.

In the process, I hope to meet some new friends or maybe even someone special.

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Native American
Aggravated Assault,
Release Date