Alexander Osley
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Mansfield, OH 44901 USA
My name is Alexander Osley and I'm from Toledo. OH, currently locked up at Richland Correctional Institution for a crime that I never had prior knowledge of.

I went to trial for a complicity to aggravated robbery and complicity to murder. How can someone be convicted of the city to murder without the state proving that he had prior knowledge. As for the aggravated robbery, how can I be convicted of a robbery with no money or property is taken (the victim had $200 and jewelry on his person at the time of his death.)
My codefendant didn't make a statement against me at all. As far as the prosecutor was concerned I was the lookout even with the detective, Mr. Scott, testifying that the video did show me being a lookout. Also, the prosecutor told my lawyer at trial that he edited my video recorded statement because it was displaying things that could hurt me.

As for my transcript, they took a lot of things out like when the detective said that I wasn't the lookout, that's gone. Also, the prosecutor didn't tell my lawyer that he edited my statement on record but he used the edited statement at my trial.
African American
Complicity Murder & Robbery
Release Date
15 Years to Life
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