Marcus Isreal # 614432
Ross Correctional Institution
P O Box 7010
Chillicothe   OH   45601   USA
Marcus Isreal
I’m a man searching for truth while stuck in a lie.  The system made me out to be a menace to society, when in all actually they were the menace.  They lied, even tho I was wrong for running from police I never set out to kill someone.  Tho the end result of the chase, an officer died when ever my car flipped a hundred something miles from where he was, after I went airborne after hitting a culvert in the road. I’m not a bad man or have evil intent in my heart.  This life is no game to me and, it’s serious on all levels.  My path have been hard rough and so many lessons and obstacles I’ve been challenged with in all of the things I been through.  I’m still standing firm with a sound mind.  I had an experience with God that’s been so powerful, it’s really so amazing and strange, but I’ll try my best to explain.  First off, back in 2008, I was in a town Middletown, OH, right down the street from Dayton, OH where I’m originally from.  I move from the city of Dayton to that small town, a mix crowd, most the young black male end of in the streets and become dealers.  Of course, being that I was adopted at seven into a household with six kids already, along with my brothers, made nine, an abusive home and a single step mother that changed boyfriends and didn’t have the capacity to offer a young man love that a home should offer, and on top of that, get beatings.  When your home doesn’t offer you love, you gotta find it somewhere and in some way.  In my case, I found it in the streets, which offered me friends, family, drugs, fun and a way of escape, but in all actuality I was being lead blindly.  But in 2008, after bring involved in a robbery, I felt rock bottom, I had been in and out of lock up since 13, my step dad found my hidden stack of porno magazines and tried to take them.  I struggled with him and my step/foster mother called police. That was my first case which led to many others, drug charges mostly.  Nothing to extreme as my current situation.  But I turned to God and was changed drastically.  However, try to adapt to life on the streets and find my way in society.  I felt alone and got back involved with the wrong people and ended up getting into an argument  with a female, drank too much which I don’t even drink like that, stole a car and found myself in a high speed chase.  I was shocked and I felt like, God wouldn’t allow nothing to happen to me.  I never thought things would have ended the way they did.  Here it is 10 years later and I have a twenty-five to life sentence and labeled a murderer.  It breaks my heart when I think about it, but I know one day the truth will set me free.

I need help finding the right people that can help me put this puzzle together and make the right connections.  I’m very strong-willed, determined and ambitious.  I love beauty and good people all races.  I want some people in my life that can help me see the world in a broader perspective and different light.  I love reading and educating myself.  I love adventure and seeking knowledge and wisdom where it can be found.  I find the joy in each day and a reason to laugh and see the bright side of things.
Truly true,
Marcus Isreal

Legal Help
African American
Vehicular Homicide / Murder
Serving A Life Sentence
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