Eric Hall # 6117780
P O Box 316
Fort Madison   IA   52627   USA
Eric Hall
     Brace yourself for this one. Life could be crazy. If you are having a bad day, think of this craziness. What you are about to read might just brighten your day. Regardless...a total stranger cares.
      Where do I start? I was on my way home (prop. crimes), back to my state (WI), in March 2021. There was a monster on his way home, soon, too.(20 counts of sexual assault.) Would I take a bullet for a total stranger? I do not know, but I will give my life for one less victim of sexual assault. One less sex offender.
       I was raised by a broken family. They might not have cared but I know that mankind does. People before us have sacrificed enough, and showed me all that I needed to see. Stuff got bad, where I was at. I saw stuff and the past started bubbling up. It almost got the best of me. It was bad and I hit a low. A really bad low. Instead of doing something to myself I took one for the team.
        I want to make up for my stupidity. I wrote a book (autobiography) and I want to donate half of it to a couple charities. I want to help all of them, but we all know that the further one spreads themselves out the less it helps, individually, so I picked two, St. Jude and Wounded Warrior. I have a ton of passion. Who knows I could get lucky and be able to help more later on. The book is really good. I did not know if I had it in me, but I know that i had to do something. My stupidity probably helps people see that I care. A lot. I want to keep the ball rolling. The book will have your mouth opened and eyebrows lifted, the entire time that you are reading about me. I can guarentee you that much. I am a 70's baby; and I am country. A pretty wicked combination....apparently. Probably not the kind of country that you are thinking.(The Duke boys would be proud.) I went hard. No matter how hard that I did go, though, I could not outrun my own chains. I am quick, but no one is that fast.
         How cool would that be...huh? You feel like helping? I draw really well, too. It will leave you stuck, staring at it. I can put a bunch of stuff on one piece of paper, in pen and pencil. Portraits, your friends/family, favorite pet/animal, car, truck, motorcylces, etc. I do it all. If you know anyone that wants something done....send them my way. I am doing as much as I possibly can to make an impact.
          My name is Eric Hall. My Iowa inmate # 6117780. My friends call me Buck. Back in '01 I tried my hand in basketball. I was not very good at it. The nickname "Buckwild" popped up, whenever I was around. Everyone was having a good time. It was not very long and Buck stuck. Call me Buck. All of my friends do.
          Try not to let stuff bother you. It can get rough. I would know. Actually...I do know. All I want to do is shake your hand, or give you a hug. That might not ever happen, but that does not mean that I can not hold your heart. I have a really big heart. Send a letter. I will show you. I am sort of on tour, right now. Everyone wants a piece of me. That is just how I roll.
          If you do not hear from me, within three weeks, send another letter asking if I am too busy to say "hi".  It is my kryptonite. (I am a big softie.)
          Women and children come first. I do not play. You mean more to me than my own life. I hope you have a good day. No matter what...I have your back. Smile. One for the good guys.


Burglary, Murder of a Sex Offender While Incarcerated
Serving A Life Sentence
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