Pete Polson
"Cali Bad Boy!"

Hey what's going on? I'm inviting you to take a chance with me and hopefully build true/real life long friendship. I am an extremely loyal person/friend, so a little about me, my name is Pete Polson, but my friends call me Chop. I'm 36 years old, I like to think I look 27, 28 though. LOL. I'm from California but I'm currently doing a large prison sentence in Iowa but I am currently fighting my case, it's looking very good for me to give back a lot of this time on a illegal sentence, so I'm praying to be out soon in the near future.

I love tattoos, I may look like a bad guy, but I have a huge heart, and a great sense of humor. I enjoy making others laugh, you will see that fast, I'm into old-school cars, hot rides, bikes, and choppers, etc.… I love music, it helps me relax and chill out, I like rap, slow songs, country, rock, oldies, etc.… Love music. I'm a great listener, and I do not judge others everyone makes mistakes and has flaws. I consider myself a leader and not a follower. I'm respectful and have morals that I stand on as a man.

So to be honest I got on this website cuz I'm pretty lonely and I'm looking to make a real friend. I'm far away from home and family and friends. I'm disappointed in a lot of my friends. They are busy, so they don't keep in steady communication, and I can't help but to feel forgot/left behind," out of sight, out of mind". So I'm looking for something real, whatever that might be, or lead to. I also enjoy working out, it helps release trust, but enjoy eating more so it's a fight there, LOL. I'm an animal lover, my favorite is an elephant and pandas, LOL.

So I'd love to hear from you soon and hear/learn all about you. I'm very open, so feel free to ask any questions you may have about anything. So I hope you all well, and have a great day. Thank you for taking UR time on looking at my profile. I hope you take a little more time and write me. Have a great day. "Oh, if you don't write me, it will make me a SAD PANDA!  LOL.

Pete Polson # 6068347
Iowa State Penitentiary
P O Box 316 
Fort Madison, IA 52627 USA
Women, Men
Caucasian Hispanic
Attempted Murder Gun Weed
Release Date
2036 Sometime
Ad Start: 10-24-18
Ad Expiration:10-24-20