Jeff Taylor
Hey, thanks for checking out my profile. 

I'm a country boy, in a city guy's body. I wear cowboy boots, love riding horses, and have even rode bulls. I listen to country music, but I live in Detroit, Michigan, so I listen to pop, rock and some rap, as well. Oh, and yeah I say howdy and y'all. I also believe a guy should open a door for a girl.

Before my legal problems, which I'm still fighting on appeal, I was a junior at the University of Michigan as a  business major. Yeah, smart people can do stupid stuff and get trouble too. While here, I've completed an Associates degree in business management.

Some basics about me, I'm 5'9" with strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes and weigh 165. I'm adventurous, and maybe hyperactive, LOL. I'm always up to try something new. Some things I've done are, downhill skiing, canoeing, outback camping, prison (yeah, tried that, don't recommend it, LOL), I was even a Detroit firefighter/paramedic for 10 years. What's the most adventurous that you've done? It might be the next thing I try, or maybe we can try it together.

My days here consist of working 8 hours a day in the kitchen and drawing. I draw holiday cards and sell them. I usually run 3 miles a day in the warm months and walk them in the cold months. I also take whatever self-help classes are offered here.

What type of person am I looking for? That's easy, I'm looking for a friend. Someone honest, funny, with a sense of adventure, that doesn't mind giving a guy a chance. Is that you? I sure hope so. Let's talk and get to know each other. Don't be shy, I promise I'll write back.
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Macomb Correctional Facility
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