Jason Martinez
My name is Jason.

I'm from Fort Worth, Texas. I'm 5' 10". black hair, brown eyes and have tattos. I'm into learning about anything. Reading about things and learning new information is interesting to me. It can be anything from learning about presidents to new technology to leaning about space travel, really anything interest me. I also draw here and there. I like to write but sometimes my hand writing sucks.

Enough about me, tell me about yourself. What do you consider fun? How tall are you? What's your favoirte color? Tell me about the world around you. Tell me in what ways could the world be a better place. What is your take on science, ghost, outter space and stars? Anything can be an insturing subject.

It would be cool to get memes and jokes to make me laugh. Ask quetions and I will answer them, Have a blessed day.

Life is hard enough to go through it alone but with the help of others we can tread through the obsticles together to the top of the mountain for a better view of things. No one said life was easy so let's clear a path and make the best of it.
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