Delmar Mack Jr # 576155
Bledsoe County Correctional Complex
1045 Horsehead Road
Pikeville   TN   37367   USA
Delmar Mack Jr
My name is Delmar L. Mack Jr. Messianic Judaism is my faith, Yahweh is my Heavenly Father and Yahshua is my Spiritual brother and Savior. Also, I’m an Hebrew Israelite according to Romans 2:28-29.  I have studied about and been a part of many religious views and cultures for over 30 years and what started in about my faith is my truth.

I'm interested in communicating with an individual who desires to give and receive mental and spiritual simulation.

I was in the U.S. Air Force for about 7 years, an honorably discharged disabled veteran.  I'm an alumnus of East Tennessee State University, my B.S. Degree was in Interdisciplinary Studies (Legal Studies, Humanities, Computer Science (Information Technology)).

I have traveled to and lived in many places in the U.S. and around  the world. For example Texas, California, Colorado, Florida, Mexico, Guam, Philippines, Hawaii, Korea, Japan, etc.  I'm born and raised in Tennessee and I'm self-sufficient and have learned and still learning to be content in situations of life, good and bad.

I love to do and talk about a variety of things and subjects. I'm an honest person as much as possible and expect to be treated the same.

Delmar L. Mack Jr.

“Greetings to You”
This is the deepest, sincere,thoughts of my heart, mind and soul!
Since the beginning of time, I’ve had these thoughts, designs and feelings towards you, before I was born.
Since I became aware of my existence to be, it has been a passion burning deep and strong inside of me.
This passion consumes me like hunger yet satisfied, many times it seemed that hunger was filled, but that was a lie.
I reminisce on the days and years after I was born of the passion that I had for the ones that my eyes adored.
Yet my affections wasn't shared forever more.
A curse yet awaits to be cured, the heartfelt blessed sincerity of true love endured, the trials of past, present, future pains of abandonments procured.
Somehow real love will never fade away. I dream of you; day and night; night and day!
I dream, I think, I hope and I wait for you in every breath I take.
It seems like you'll never arrive, but this God breathed deep hope keeps this vision burning like a raging fire.
I'm in a state of nirvana till that day, that is an internal day never to fade away.
I have a dream and it's of me and you. My best friend, my queen, my soul, my world, my beginning and my end!
I have seen you before, but your face faded in the turmoil of time and crumbled along the hard way, still searching for your face and that will never change.
The Lord says a man who finds a good wife finds a good thing!  So, I’ll never stop looking for my one flesh, one reason for my being.
You are the revelation of a vision yet to become fully seen. A dream deferred keeps tears of doubt streaming. I hope for you as nothing else in that reality has no meaning.
This could be considered a love letter in the process of becoming, but it’s a word spoken engrafted in my DNA, since before the stars in heaven started twinkling.
And after the voices of the Angels began singing, praise Yah for the wedding has begun, on heaven and earth His will be done.
It's not good for us to dwell alone, bone of our bone; flash of our flesh till all things are reborn.
I cherish the thought of you in every way, I'll praise Yah for you when we become one soul in the same.
The impression of you seems on the verge of becoming more clear, your thoughts, your touch, your scent, your voices are even so near.
It seems crazy until prophecy is real, but I have a dream, it won’t let my thoughts be still, in constant flux that I'm stirred to write; only you; only you I’ll desire till all fades to gray.
Can you hear me like I hear you? A call in this world only meant for us two. No delusion can prevent what is true; my heart beats for the purpose of loving you!

By Delmar L.Mack Jr.

African American
1st Degree Attempted Murder
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