Erik Gordon
I finally get it… Clarity!

I once asked myself, why are rescue dogs the most loyal? Why do people walk the aisles, passing cage after cage-looking for the dog with the saddest eyes question why? I smile at the thought… The metaphor to my life. Yes, once I was a man scared to commit. So my actions may have brought me a reputation of being a dog. Running after everything attractive… With not a chance of being domesticated, running wild-seeking thrills without a care. Then all of a sudden… I broke the rules and pi**ed on the wrong hydren-which landed me in a cage… For quite some time. Time to reflect on my dog-ish days of freedom. I watched all the attractive things I chased, past my cage, each time making my eyes sadder and sadder. I sat and reflected…& Then I began to hurt. It makes me sick to my stomach, and like a dog, I ended up eating my vomit… Figuratively of course :) it's how I gained the strength to grow, to move on, and to grow to be a loyal dog :) I'm now the dog in a cage waiting to be rescued… Waiting with my puppy dog eyes for the chance to prove my loyalty!

So if you're not judgmental and ready for some honesty, and a great time… Contact me at #000641731C.

Take care,

Erik Gordon # 570662/641731C

Lockbag R
Rahway, NJ 07065 USA
African American
Aggravated Manslaughter
Release Date
Ad Start: 08-24-17
Ad Expiration:08-24-18