Carlos Renteria
Hey, now, 

My name is Carlos, better known as Ryder. I'm 29 years old from the city of Angels Los Angeles, CA. I speak English, Spanish, Nahunt. I'm currently incarcerated at a United States penitentiary.

The reason why I'm on this site. It's simple, to meet new people. Also seeking legal help. I'm locked up for something I didn't do. The evidence is "hearsay". I don't believe in "snitching"so that's why I'm doing time.

I'm looking for someone to help get through these unfortunate times. I have quite a journey to go and having a real friend during these lonely circumstances would sure be a blessing. I'm open to new things. I'm not judgmental, I don't discriminate. I don't judge people by their shortcomings. I'm very open-minded. You can count on me when you're in doubt, in need, or just to be there for you. I'm very patient and I accept life as it comes. I let my word be my bond. Because my bond is my life. I enjoy reading, working out to keep myself in shape and I remain fit. I listen to a genres of music. I write my own music. And like to draw. I also would like to write letters. LOL. I enjoy making others smile and laugh. And would love to get those back in return. All I ask is that we keep it real, honest and truthful with each other.

I'm grown and matured. I also ask that make "understanding"one of the most precious things that we share. It's needed in a long-lasting friendship with understanding everything else will fall in place.

Well then that's it for now. I hope I spark some interest and look forward in meeting you. Thank you for your time. Have a good one.

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