Derek Jones
Derek Jones # 558948   
Allen Correctional Institution
P O Box 4501    
Lima, OH 45802 USA
I am 5'9", skin, caramel eyes, with waves all over my hair.

I also have an 8 pack of abs too. I am athletic. I play basketball, football, baseball, ping-pong, chess, checkers, spades,  cut throat spades, mini pod, boxing, wrestling, track and field, dominoes, and swimming. I am the best that I have seen in chess, checkers, dominoes and pool. I am the best in my block in chess, checkers, dominoes, mini pool, ping-pong, Scrabble, spades, casino,  tunk, and cooking. You can tell that I have a lot of hobbies. I am from Cincinnati.

I have obtained my certification in administrative office technology. It is a certification to work and program computer sites. I can also type 72 words per minute. I also study Spanish every day. I am gradually coming along with that. I can speak it better than I can understand it. I'm just learning the words gradually.

I may get out of here before my designated day because I am filing things to do so. Right now I have filed a Covid-19 judicial release. I don't have the disease but if it is something that could get me out of here soon.

African American
2 Felonious Assaults 2 Gun Specs
Release Date
Ad Start: 09-17-20
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