Steven W Revet # 55407
Spring Creek Correctional Center
3600 Bette Cato Road
Seward   AK   99664   USA
Steven W Revet
My name is Steven W. Revet. I’m looking for female relationships with the possibility of love. I’m 5’9”, 220 pounds, salt and pepper hair when I let it grow, brown eyes. I am an Alaskan Native born 5-5-62, 59 years ago, on Kodiak Island. I have been sad and lonely since my wife passed in 2005 and I’m now wanting to change that and become happy again. I have been in prison for murder and robbery in the first degree since 1987. I just had my first ever parole hearing and was told to reapply in 10 years due to my extensive disciplinary history (4 write ups since 2009) and the severity of the crime (which will never change). I hope to find a person who can possibly make me forget being sad and lonely as well as help me to forgive myself for the bad decisions that I’ve made in my life. My self-esteem is kind of low and talking helps, so I want someone I can talk to. The people around me say that I’m kind, caring and a very positive person who brings happiness to those around me. I know that I am extremely sorry for all the pain, sorrow and disappointment I’ve caused to countless others in my past and try to be as positive as I can possibly be for myself and those around me now and in my future.

I taught myself to carve Ivory, stone and wood. I also engrave metal to make bracelets and I do scrimshaw work on Ivory and baleen. I love to create things starting from scratch and ending with a beautiful finished product, it brings me joy and happiness. I am not very good about talking about myself unless someone asks me questions, so If you think you may be interested in getting to know me, then please write me a letter and ask me questions. I will answer all letters with 100% truthfulness and honesty. Send photo if you want to. I’d appreciate it. Sometimes it makes it easier to write when you can see who it is that you are writing to.

Alaskan Native
Murder, Robbery 1st Degree
Ad Start: 08-12-2021
Ad Expiration: 08-12-2022