Jerome Langley
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168 Frontage Road  
Newark, NJ 07114 USA
Hi, my name is Jerome.

I really don't know where or how to start it's my first time. I'm nervous and I would appreciate someone to talk to? Being in prison is hard when you're single with no emotional support from friends or family. It could be discouraging sometimes and some days I question myself is it worth going forward. That's the walls closing in feeling that happens often when you're not fortunate enough to have a friend nor family to confide your thoughts, feelings or your most fearsome fears to. That's what I'm living right now as my most fearsome fear seems like it's about to unfold at a vulnerable time in my life, and I don't have a single person outside of prison to talk to.

I would be very content to have someone to talk to. Female or male it don't matter a friend. I didn't have any one outside to send me a picture to post so I have to use my rough DOC picture, but look up better pictures on my Facebook. It's spelled Jerome Langely. Also download jpay app to your phone and add me using my SBI number so I can text your phone.

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African American Haitian
Attempt to Murder
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