Antwain Washington
22 years…  3 more to go. Robbery conviction. And I feel like I'm the victim of the greatest robbery of all-the one thing you can't replace-time.  

Before I proceed, I have a disclaimer: The "I'm too sexy for my shirt"photo (s) are about a decade old. But don't get it twisted, I'm still there. MDOC no longer allows inmates to take any kind of personal/stylized photos. So I decided to get my lightweight "catfish"on.

The collateral damage suffered as a result of my imprisonment is immeasurable. It can't be quantified. I've tried a few things to escape the horrors of this living nightmare only to be reminded of this stark reality of it. I feel like the character job of the Bible that had lost everything and everyone in his life.

Through reading the Bible and renewing my mind with Yeshus (Jesus); and exercising regularly, I have discovered are the best stress preventative. I still have to keep vigilant watch out for the monsters of fear, depression, regret, and shame. I've had some life-and-death struggles with them. Came close to tapping out a time or two.

I like studying and engaging in the equity markets. I've experienced some success, given my limited access. This is something I will continue to practice when I am released. I am an aspiring writer. With a desire to become a most intimate communicator. I discovered how liberating it can be when you let go of insecurities and allow yourself to be vulnerable. I look forward to pursuing some entrepreneurial ideas when I am released. Nothing like reinventing the wheel. Just some proven business investments that has reasonable chance of success once due diligence and focus is applied.

At the conclusion of Jobs story.Yahwh (God) restored back to him twice as much as he had been stolen from him. For Yahweh (God) is a healing and a redemptive God. And I would be amiss if I did not count my blessings. Like Job, Yahweh (God) has already begun to restore to be double for my trouble: finance, friends, family, wisdom, understanding, and the capacity to give and to love. And the attributes of love. As well as time I lost Yahweh (God), and, only He, can redeem the lost years. Only the Master Potter can take the flawed pieces of our lives and fashion something esteem. A pretty tapestry, a beautiful mosaic. His grace abounds.

I'm seeking companionship. Open and honest communication. I'm not looking for a romantic connection, though I am not against it. I'm interested in adding quality to your life; and vice a versa. In short; I'm a lonely guy in prison looking for a friend. And offering you the opportunity to be a part of my redemptive process. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and it's not a train. I'm an open book, ready for you to turn the pages.

"Thank you."

Through, I am allowed to receive emails, but I cannot send them. (Please provide a physical mailing address so I will be able to respond.)
Antwain Washington  # 531805
8200 No More Victims Road
Jefferson City,  MO 65101 USA

Women, Men, Friends
African American
Religion Christian
1st° Robbery Armed Criminal Action
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