Dearius Forrester
Dearius Forrester # 52432-037
U S P Pollock
P O Box 2099
Pollock   LA   71467   USA
Hey, my name is Dearius, J  I was recently asked to try something new, so this is me trying something new.  Well, I believe we should build spiritually, physically and mentally daily.  So, I begin my day praying, appreciating another opportunity to do so. Then, I do one of my exercises to build some muscle. (I LOVE EXERCISING). I also read all types of books, in search of substance from others experiences and thoughts, which helps mentally.
I’ve been told I ask a lot of questions (LOL).   I am very easy going and a communicative person.  I am an optimist and love making people laugh.  I play chess and scrabble in my free time.  And I love physical activities, (all sports) goals… COVID has taught me to respect my talent, how to adapt.

So, I have a few ideas: the worlds filled with consumers, one just has to provide a service.  However, I enjoy helping others, and being an online personal trainer is very tempting because I could make my own hours and work from home (LOL).

What about you, any passions or hobbies?  You don’t limit yourself to one group of music, do you
J?  Do you enjoy traveling and the most simplest thing each place has to offer?  Sooorrry to many questions, right J?
Well, I appreciate your time and you stopping by to show me some love.  And I ask only one thing of you, continue to have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile...

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African American
Drug Conspiracy, Murder
Release Date
08/16/2028 and 06/22/2033