James West
James West # 636651
2075 South Avon Beldon Road
Grafton   OH   44044   USA
First off I would like to tell you that I'm coming home soon, July, 2022. I can't wait, but I'm trying to find someone that I can build with before I do get out so let me tell you a lil bit about me. I'm from Columbus,Ohio. I'm 5’10, 210, light brown eyes, light brown skin with waves. I like to travel, watch sports, play Board games,and  read. I tend to enjoy these things even more now because they will keep me out of the streets.

I'm funny, just trying to find someone I can hopefully spend my life with. Tired of not being happy so if you’re out there and looking for a changed man, I'm all yours. I'm locked up for drug trafficking and guns, got 16 years for it and it's finally over, so I hope I can finally get to know someone special.

Thank you out there for even listening to me.

Hope to now hear from you.

Ad Start: 03-31-22
Ad Expiration:  06-31-23
Women, Men
African American
Drug Trafficking
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