Donald Grant
When you come on my profile, I ask that your not judgmental, and have understanding.

Now, with that said let me make an elucidate introduction of myself I am currently on death row for double murder. The media will  portray me as a  very sadistic human being. And that's far from the truth about me. Yes I have committed a horrible act.. And I truly regret what I've done, and it bothers me to this very day. I only ask for your forgiveness to as I have spoken to the victims family and gave my sincere apology and knowing that words can't bring them back. But it's truly meant from my heart.

Once we become friends, I will tell you the facts of my actions, if you care to know.

Some about me. My name is Donald Grant, I'm 44 years old, but don't look it, or feel it. I"m half Black, and half Costa Rican. But don't speak Spanish. I been locked up since 2001. I'm born and raised from Brooklyn, New York. I had a very rough life. My mom was addicted to drugs, and father an alcoholic. I been on my own since the age of nine. I'm loving, caring, good hearted, honest, loyal, and trustworthy. Those are some of the things about me.

I hope to meet someone with some of the same qualities. I don't judge, or discriminate nobody. we all are unique and beautiful. I have been on this site in the past. I haven't made a friend, or any  kind of connection. I figured to give it another try, and hopefully meet someone and I can become a part of their life, and they be a part of mine. And that we share everything with each other.

I'm not about games, and I ask that you please be the same. I'm confined to a single cell, 23 hours a say, 5 days a week, on the weekends, I'm lock down all day. to pass time, I  workout, read, listen to music, watch TV, and love to write, and talk on the phone. However, I don't have no one to write, or talk on the phone to.

We all make mistakes in life. It's the idea of learning from it, and bettering ourself. Our mistakes don't define who we are. I tend to look at the good in people and don't let their faults supposedly make that person. We all are children of the most high.

I'll end for now, on that note. If my words have caught your attention, and you would like to be a part of my life, then please write me, and let's make the most of this time together.

Much love, and respect to all, Hope to hear from soemone soon.


Donald Grant # 522436
Oklahoma State Penitentiary
P O Box 97 
McAlester, OK 74502 USA

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African American
On Death Row
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