Jeremy Thorpe

I'm an introspective guy who likes to write long, substantial letters. I find writing letters helps me say the things not easily expressed by spoken words.

I've been in college as well as served in the military, doing two tours in Iraq. I've experienced a lot in my life and have had time to finally process these experiences since being incarcerated. After years of profound soul-searching, I finally feel that I am getting closer to organizing the internal clutter in getting something really meaningful from what I've learned and experienced.

I can't give a full description of myself because I would supersede the limitations of this profile so I will touch on a few thoughts and ideas that constitute who I am as a person. I like being different because being like everyone else's like being like everyone else. Everyone else never changes what's wrong with the world. I am really big on having faith and believing in oneself. I don't feel that we as people support and motivate each other by just simply believing in one another. Success or failure never matters when someone never stops believing in what you can potentially do.

My main reason in searching for a penpal is to connect with someone who is looking to connect to someone like me. I feel that if I find this person, it will fulfill that lonely part within me that nobody seems to acknowledge.
Jeremy Thorpe  # 510461
TCIX Annex 6C-114
1499  RW Moore Memorial Highway 
Only, TN 37140 USA
African American
Aggravated Arson
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-17-18
Ad Expiration:05-17-19