Todd  Selma
There is no need for an introduction to this bio because my intentions are pure and honest. 

I am currently serving time in a maximum security federal institution where communication is very limited and these limitations have ruined many relationships from growing and broken the foundation that I once had with the outside world. Time has also been a factor against me, but time is now on my side because I come home next year (2021) so my intentions are simple.

I'm an optimist, a man of moral values and I believe that we will only get back what we invest into our relationships. So I'm looking to invest this time into more productive relationships, and establish a foundation that will help me be more productive as a man upon my release. See if we invest nothing we will produce nothing, so if you're willing to invest know that I'm fully invested…

I'm open-minded to friendships of any sort, but would highly appreciate a companion (woman) of my own. For the woman seeking companionship know that I'm a man of calculated thought, this helps me avoid making decisions on impulses and I say this because I want you to understand that I patiently waited until my last year to join this site (why?) Because I didn't want to burden you or waste anyone's time while I was still serving my sentence.

Time has been my biggest enemy! I feel that 1 year is sufficient enough for us to establish a bond and build trust and while this may sound degrading I believe that a woman who can't invest 1 year isn't worthy of my loyalty or devotion (respect) and for those of you seeking friendships my goal is to learn a little bit about everything from people who know everything about something. I'm inspired by intellectual growth and need to build a productive support system that will help me stay grounded and emotionally stable.
Todd Selma # 50582-039
USP-Coleman 2
P O Box 1034  
Coleman, FL 33521 USA
Women, Friends, Donations, Legal Help
African American Dominican
Gun & Drugs
Release Date
05/2021 with Good Time
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Ad Expiration:06-26-21