Edmon Vardanyan
Hello everyone!  

I am in search of a  pen pal who would not mind writing and developing a friendship.

I was convicted to conspiracy to travel to another state with intent to kill, injury or harass another person. I accepted full responsibility for my actions at the time, and will bear that burden for the rest of my life. I understand that there are no excuses to justify my conduct. However, the circumstances of my upbringing and a drug addiction had a substantial impact on my so-called "moral barometer", such that I believe that I did not truly understand the difference between right and wrong when I arrived in the US as a teenager and came under the sphere of the underworld.

I have shed myself of all those influences and participated in every educational and programming opportunities offered to me by the BOP. I have acquired several skills, such as: business management, personal training and fitness nutrition specialist, Spanish language, just to name a few. I am an ambition person, motivated and focused to help others and do the right thing. I enjoy reading, studying, working out, listening to music, making leather projects in the hobby craft or jewelry boxes from craft sticks, and meeting people from all over, all walks of life.

It is a continuous process to becoming a better person, and with years of lonely incarceration I have come to realize that true relationship would be built on trust, honesty, appreciation,sincerity and attention. And I believe that by meeting loving, caring, compassionate people will help me enrich my own human capacity.

Should you consider becoming my pen friend, you will have someone to come to for comfort, you will have a supporting shoulder to cry on and a heart that understands and doesn't judge.

I have a regrettable pass, but I look forward to a bright future, where I am a productive member of a society, working hard and dedicated to helping others, making great friends, learning, feeling and having fun.

To find out more about me please put a pen to paper and don't let silence be your response.
Edmon Vardanyan # 49886-018
555 Geo Drive
Philipsburg, PA 16866 USA

Women, Men, Friends
Conspiracy to Travel with Intent to Kill Injury
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