Husham Al-ani
Husham Al-ani # 49721-086   
FDC-Sea Tac
P O Box 13900     
Seattle, WA 98198 USA
Dear friends,

I'm a single man who loves his mother, family & communicy. I'm loyal, humble, dependable, patient and understanding. Friends call me Ash. I'm 6' 1", 199 lbs, I have no kids or tatoos. I grew up in Baghdad and I have battle wounds, I was a translator for the US Military. I'm Arabian & North African. I speak, read and write Arabic & English. I'm seeking casual corresponence with cool & down to earth female. I'm in jail for guns & drugs. My nationality & criminal record is the motivation and the driving factor of my prosecution 2 to 3 years is the consequences. And the pandemic is making everything diffiult.

I spend my time working out, reading, searching the law library for myself & other inmates. I'm planning on earning a college degree. I like music, movies, standup comedy like Kevin Hart & Jeff Dunham. I'm very humble & protective of my family & friends & those who care about me. Your letters, pictures, story will not be shared.

Please note: all incoming mail is photocopy & I'll receive a printed copy of letters & pictures. Unfortunately to send color pictures it must be through an app "" 6x4 * 10 photos a day. We have email system I could add you if you send your email. And phones. I'm kinda shy to call-I'll have to warm up. I'll be very happy to receive letters & pictures. And answer all your questions & share a story with you.
MaleIn Pretrial (2 to 3 Years)
Women, Friends
African American Caucasian Asian Arab
922G 841
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