Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston  # 496082
Turney Center
1499 RW Moore Memorial Highway
Only   TN   37140   USA
My name is Andrew Johnston and I'm 28 years of age. Since 18, I’ve been incarcerated, but have worked hard to prepare for a positive future.

In 2019 I earned an Associates Degree in Business Administration from Nashville State and am now working toward a Bachelor’s Degree in General Business through Belmont.
Also in 2019 I converted to Asatru and have since dedicated myself  to learning the complexities of Norse Theism.

I am open to someone to help me in this journey, as I am willing to help others understand. Some of my interests are Anime, SuperHero films and the Sci-Fi genre.

I also enjoy comedies and horror shows and movies. I’m a geek at heart and enjoy the fantastic creations of imagination.

A few hobbies I enjoy are drawing, poetry, and exercising.

I’m a tattoo enthusiast and am well covered with artwork. My favorite pieces are the full-color Nightmare Before Christmas sleeve and the galaxy scene across my neck.

I appreciate the simple things in life and was raised to be a country gentleman.

I’m a dog guy and have spent 5 years training certified service dogs for Retrieving Independence for those with physical and mental impairments of all ages. It has been a most rewarding experience to truly change the life of someone in need.

I am looking to meet new people that have an open mind and am willing to help me grow as an individual. I am eager to make friends and talk to like-minded people.

I invite anyone to write that has a sense of humor and can simply be themselves, no matter how weird or geeky.

My wife and I are open to seeking a sister wife to share our life experience. We want to meet a woman that is open-minded and genuine.

Our hope is to develop a supportive relationship where all are valued and equally important.

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