Jeremy Lord
Jeremy Lord # 495970   
Bledsoe Correctional Complex
1045 Horsehead Road    
Pikeville, TN 37367 USA
In prison I have learned that it is hard to truly get to know someone.

Most people here are not sincere, and are out for their own personal agendas.

I wish to correspond with genuine women. I am a kind person and get along with most everytone who isn't fake or arrogont. confidence on the other hand is a plus.

I enjoy exercising, music, festivals, motorcycles and all stimulating topics. Nothing is too taboo. If you are brave enough to ask I'm brave enough to talk about it.

I am covered in tattoos. You could look at me everyday and probably still find something new and interesting to the eye

I am a deep thinker, I want to travel and explore. I am very business minded in my approach towards my life. I hope to get out and be successful in the future.

I like to live life on my own terms. I enjoy psychology and sociology reading non fiction trying to learn new things.

I have matured over the last 7 years and have worked on becoming a better verdion of myself. Always trying to improve.

Thank you for looking at my profile and considering me as a friend.

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