Sherrie Ina Wilson
Sherrie Ina Wilson # 495081
Hiland Mountain Correctional Center
9101 Hesterberg Road
Eagle River   AK   99577   USA
My name is Sherrie Wilson, my OB# is 495081, my address is: Hiland Mountain Correctional Center 9101  Hesterberg Road Eagle River, AK 99577.

I been in locked up for a while. I am currently doing time for murder 2. I am just now trying to file my rule 45, but I have been in since 4/29/09, flat. I have been a goody goody. I have to be good to get out. I have a release date of 4/29/29. I am doing really good. Despite what I am going through, I am a tough ass bitch.

I like to do just small things like crochet and writing. Also I like to do art things. I love to decorate. I love to paint. I love to do anything artsy.

When I was on the outside, I had a family, I had a son, he is 15 now. I was a Server at the mostest at the Burger Tom's.

Why I came to the Pen Pals website is because I am a lonely loner and getting ready to get out. I am available, I have been locked up for 15 years. Seriously, I do not know what Facebook is and Tic Tok, Snapchat and Instagram. I have a friend telling me this now. I am seriously trying to find out about phones. Galaxy phones are the best, so they say.

I am trying not to be stressed out over my own issues here!!

I can't even think or fathom driving either.

I am finding that I have no control over these things yet. But wish I will soon.

I am stellar and I am having faith in God and others alike to be loved and learned from.

Humor helps us all.

I am happy for me and hope that I meet new people soon.

God Bless you.
Sherrie Wilson

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