Victor Garcia

What do you desire in a friendship? 

I could promise respect, care, support, trust and I do possess these traits, but, truth is, only you can measure if I meet your definition of these traits. What I can do is tell you my story and where I'm at in life now. If you're looking for a true, healthy, life lasting friendship you won't regret getting to know me.

My story: I was arrested at 17 during a time when my views of what a mature man was, were distorted. :) I smile now realizing how foolish I was but prior to realizing this I spent time in segregation, which destroyed friendships and left me feeling abandoned. I understand now that I'm the one who abandoned them by getting incarcerated and then further restricting myself from them with segregation. LOL, I've most definitely matured. Learning from my mistakes I've been trouble-free for years now and I'm ready to tear down the walls I built to keep people away. Staying positive I'm heavily into education, the law, working out and completing program needs. I jam to a variety of music (but raps my goto). I'm on "Sunday night slow jams"every week; I love sports (especially football) and I'm Chicago crazy,(Bears, Blackhawks, Bulls, White Sox... Sure the Cubs too). My favorite shows: The Walking Dead; the Good Doctor, The Gifted, and  Chicago PD. I read mostly non-fiction (legal, self-help, and political literature); my favorite fiction book, "The Godfather". From here my expensive paid advertiser will tell you more about myself… Enjoy.
(Deep sexy narrating voice)
This isn't a DOS XX Equis beer commercial but he's the world's most interesting man, seriously, the definition of his name actually means, Winner". He's  6'0"', 190, smart, strong and good-looking. He's clean, groomed and lined up. He's funny, full of smiles, respectful, educated, open and strong-minded. He's seasons with a spice of cockiness and confidence and his smile is kinda like a first date. He's tough and adorable, like a cage full of pittbull puppies. He is… (Dramatic pause) the life of the party!
If you'd like that strong, healthy, life lasting friendship with someone honest, upfront, supportive, positive and who'll fulfill the characteristic traits that you desire in a friendship, don't wait! That very kind and fine gentleman is Victor. Write him today, send an email address and he'll add you to his email list: just except his friend request and download the app at "" to alert you when he messages you. Age and race aren't factor, just be yourself.
(Narration ends).

Thanks to my advertiser, I couldn't have done a better introduction myself. LOL, hopefully you're smiling and I interest you to write. I look forward to your correspondence. Thanks for reading, write soon, till then take care.
Victor Garcia # 494170
P O Box 1000
Boscobe, WI 53805  USA
Women, Friends
Native American, Mexican
Armed Robbery, Armed Burglary, Home Invasian
Got LIps?
Come get some :)
Let's Go Bears!
Me at 17.
Going out
Tried to make me laugh
At visit, where you at?
County Jail.
Caught off guard
Drawing on folder for daughter.
Drawing on folder for daughter.
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