Ryan Coddington
Guaranteed reward! 

This little  fella has been ripped away from a home that was lonely, cold, and very small and has had his whole world torn apart. I've been left by everyone I've ever known and loved. So I have nothing to lose by placing this ad and everything to gain.

If you're interested in being accepted as a free minded person and unique individual with your own wants, needs, feelings that deserve to be acknowledged and respected, then this little fella is where your search ends. When you come to the edge of all that you know and are about to step off into the unknown, "faith" is knowing someone will be there to catch you. So let's step into something new and unknown together, and just maybe I'll be the catch for you.

I know you're reading this and searching each line for that "Guaranteed Reward"I started off with, and no, the smile on your face and warmth in your heart right now isn't it. The reward will be revealed to you with each piece of the puzzle in due time. Unearthing a treasure takes time, and I'm willing to take the time and effort digging in, are you?

So saddle up and let's enjoy this journey of laughs, smiles, trust, friendship, secrets, finding perfection in our imperfections, acceptance in our flaws, excitement in learning each other along with sadness and understanding. Along the path we'll debate rather Guns'n'Roses or Fleetwood Mack are the greatest rather the Notebook is better than Braveheart, or rather your laughter or smile is brighter than the sun. Your journey has already begun since you've come this far. I look forward with great anticipation for a letter from you.
Ryan Coddington # 49378
P O Box 650
Indian Springs, NV 89070 USA
Release Date
Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 08-10-17
Ad Expiration:08-10-19