Stephen Ritter
I am 5' 9", 209.

I have few social skills. I sadly write better then I speak which most people do not  like including me as it leaves me lonely much of the time. I like writing, tatttooing, working out, going to work. I prefer solitude to people yet with my friends I'm kind, caring, understanding and willing to help out. Simply, I am a redneck hillbilly from Georgia.

I have no crime or release date, this is not a prison, it's where they put you after prison if they feel that you are too violent to return to society… This means that I fought back inside. If you ask about my crime I will tell you about it… For now I only say that I am not a chimo, my crime was not done for sexual reasoning or any attraction to children. It was at the time my only way to escape a horrible situation.

I want a woman 18-40, 4"- 5" 10", Caucasian, Asian, Native American. Someone who will not judge me solely based upon my past. I do not play emotional or mental games, have my own codes that I live by which show my values: honor, loyalty, truth, friendship.

I am looking for someone who has patience is willing to work for someone who has done 99% of their life in prison settings. Someone grounded in reality who can get through my shields to expose me to emotionsthat I  haven't felt in a long time if ever. There has been a lot of darkness and I want someone who can shine a light into this darkness.

(No nude or sexually suggestive photos.) * Only shorts, T-shirts, pants, halter tops, etc. are allowed in photos here.

Stephen Ritter # 490312
Special Commitment Center
P O Box 88600  
Steilacoom, WA 98388 USA
Women, Friends
Caucasian Native American
Wiccan Odinism Native American
1st Degree Child Molestation No Adult
Release Date
Currently Serving a Life Sentence
Ad Start: 02-13-20
Ad Expiration:02-13-21