Mark Newton
Mark Newton # 48781-048
F C I Medium 1
P O Box 3725
Adelanto   CA   92301   USA
I was born on March 23, 1960.  I have brown eyes and a brown complexion.  I enjoy the oldies music, like The O'Jays, The Whispers and most Motown music of the old days. I'm going to make this to the point and honest with my Goldstar ad. I need a woman in my life and I hope this correspondence can open some mailboxes for me out there in the Free World.

I enjoy romance movies, and also like to see stories with uplifting themes.  I like sports, on TV and football is my favorite game. However a beautiful woman, with a beautiful heart, can get my attention off sports fast. I’m open and try to stay on a positive level in all situations. I Encourage myself and I need a lady that is on a positive goal of love on the real side.

Here's a few questions, do you want a man that does not play games?; Can you stay on an honest opinion with phone calls, or letters? I need my lady to be my friend, first, because we can stay in a truthful correspondence and have a laugh or two with each other as we speak or write on some deep issues.  The main reason is when we start to become more than friends then we can speak or write with honesty and thoughtful response without being offended. Our friendship is a good starting point so we can be real with each other.  But make sure that my end goal is for you to become my love.  Do you need a man to fill the void in your heart? Do you want some comfort in these days?  Do you believe there's a God in heaven? I do believe our God is the creator of everything.

Ad Start: 01-20-22
Ad Expiration:  01-20-23
African American
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