Charles R Smith
Charles Smith # 484290
Saginaw Correctional Facility
9625 Pierce Road
Freeland   MI   48623   USA
Hi, I am almost free... All my convictions were overturned.. now is the time to give myself the opportunity to start new, true and healthy friendships with someone willing to acknowledge my current success, understand my past adversities, and believe with me that the future is promising as I am one of the few hidden Jewels held behind these walls.

I have been incarcerated for a little over 14 years for crimes I did not commit. My success came because I preserved and never stop fighting for justice (see my full story/profile at
www.legalaccess <http://www.legalaccess> Only recently did I decide that I too deserve someone to start this new chapter of my life with as I have assessed and close doors on previous friendships.

I am also a full-blown entrepreneur. I have assisted in creating a used car business that is thriving. I'm not looking for anyone to take care of me but for a queen who sees the good in me, is willing to sacrifice and is willing to invest in me as I will and her. I took full of advantage of these 14 years identifying my errors and working on myself from the inside out. I am now a certified paralegal.

My hobbies include reading, music, writing, fitness, cooking and conversing. I would love to meet a strong independent foundation Queen with most of the same goals. Someone who will appreciate loving gestures, uplifting conversations, willing to allow me to add upon her continue to grow as a woman and her add to my growth as a man. Your location (looking to relocate), age (I am 37), or race is not of importance, it's is more so about our ability to connect with each other and become one.

Please send pictures/introduction to me through <> or my mailing address.

Ad Start: 01-05-2023
Ad Expiration:  01-05-2024
Legal Help
African American
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