My name is Tony Tabor and I’m a five foot nine inch tall, forty year old white male that’s honest and is looking for honest correspondence from lady’s of any age, any race and weight and with or without children.

My case is back before the courts of Appeals of Louisiana and my release should be soon and I definitely need new friends to help start my life back over.  I desire no one from my past, but the family that stuck with me in this time that I done as an innocent man.  I would have been back home a long time ago but a used and abused habitual offender law of LA. has held me back, but I keep my faith.  The law has changed to benefit me on appeal to receive a much needed releasement from prison.   I suffer from post-traumatic stress.  I’m a Guillain-Barre’ survivor, I’m a real good man I just had a woman that I’ve known for over 20 years, supposed to have a 17 year old daughter with, leave me after she asked for me to marry her, she said that she was leaving me ‘cause I’m too good of a man for her and our daughter, who will soon be 18. I’ve known for a while that’s for sure, thank God for momma and for mail/support that I will soon receive from a real lady that knows of how to truly appreciate a good southern man, so ladies, do God’s will and become my friend.

I can be E-mailed by going to and use my physical address.
I hope and pray to hear from you A.S.A.P. please.
Sincerely one of the good ones!!


Tony Tabor # 478277
Angola   LA   70712   USA
Tony Tabor
Release Date
Ad Start:   12-30-21
Ad Expiration:  07-08-23