Stephen Reynolds
My name is Stephen Reynolds.

I'm 28 years old and an currently serving a 34 year sentence.I was first incarcerated at the age of 19 and was sentenced to 10 years with 30 years suspended. I served almost a total of 5 years before being released to a drug treatment facility. I successfully completed and went home to my family. During my time here I enjoyed working for my father as a commercial waterman.

My favorite pass time activities  were basically just being around my siblings and trying to make up lost time with my son. I come from a big family of 3 brothers and 2 sisters. All of us are close.

During my 1st year home it was great but in the beginning of my 2nd year I lost my middle brother. I turned back down the dark path that led me to prison my first time my charge that made me violate is 3rd degree burglary in the initial charges from when I was 19 stem from my oldest brother thought by getting me arrested would help me get treatment and save my life. Those charges are 1st° burglary, theft and forgery.

I'm from Dorchester County, MD. a small town boy who had met something at the time I never thought could have such a strong hold on anyone person's life. I accept all my faults and have done nothing but grow from them to make me a better person. I currently have a 3 years drug-free.

I'm currently looking for a female companion or maybe just a friend. I just hope you take the time to read this and I look forward to hearing from you.

Stephen Reynolds
Stephen Reynolds # 465177/3216185
30420 Revells Neck Road   
Westover, MD 21890  USA
Caucasian Native American
1st° Burglary Theft 1000, 10,000
Release Date
Mandatory 2038 Parole 2026
Ad Start: 12-17-20
Ad Expiration:12-17-21