Wentrell Sykes
Wentrell Sykes # 457002
1630 Prison Road
Cottonport   LA   71327   USA
Hi…  My name is Wentrell Sykes…  I’m 38 years old and I’m from Shreveport, Louisiana…  My reason for joining this site is strictly to find myself a real true Goddess who can best be described as…unique…authentic…valuable…loyal…and priceless…  A woman who’s special in every kind of way and knows what she wants out of life.  Someone who’s mature and who’s willing to give herself a chance to get to know me and me a chance to get to know her almost better than I know myself and vice versa…and most of all, someone with whom I could share my whole world and be able to reach a whole new level of life with…

I’ve been through many storms in life in which…some were bad…some worse than others…and some too traumatic to ever speak on…  But none that I allowed to break me…  I believe trials and tribulations are only meant to help shape and mold us into becoming better people…  And although I may not be the best PERSON, I can honestly say I’m not the worst either…

So, if by chance I am able to meet someone from this site, I will be right here waiting to learn her story… To hear her Voice…  To hear of her concerns and opinions…  To learn what makes her happy or sad…  To receive advice, encouragement, inspiration, and motivation from her…  And most of all, to give it all back in return…

So, until we can connect as friends and become (one)…  I’ll be waiting to hear from you!

To reach me by E-mail, Please make an account at JPay.com and use my name and doc# to add me as a friend (#457002 WentrellSykes).

Cordially Yours,

African American
2nd Degree Attempted Murder
Release Date
Ad Start: 03-11-21
Ad Expiration:  03-11-22