Amritpal Mavi
Wassup, How you doing?

I hope your staying home and staying safe during these crazy times.

You can call me Prince that's my childhood nickname, I know my name looks confusing to pronounce it's really not- Am-Rit-Paul, just how it's spelled. I'm from Baltimore, 21 years old, I'm Indian, my favorite color is blue, love kids but don't have none, I'm loyal to a fault. I like the finer things of life, love family, I've been faithfully single LOL, I got locked up as soon as I turned 17, I'm more of a dog person then cat, I like to chase my dreams. I'm very intelligent, I love having intellectual conversations, love to learn.

One of my goals is to be a successful business owner. I'm working on my business management course from Statford Career Institute. That's just a lil something to give you a lil insight on who I am.

I'd like to meet some people I really connect with, I'm not strictly seeking a relationship. If you need someone to talk to or are interested reach out I reply to all mail.

I am a very good listener/observer and give great feedback. Or if you are stuck in the house and need someone to vent to or are just bored holla at me. Oh yeah, I was born on January 12th (Capricorn). I'm a 99 baby, age just a number. I mature way past my years. I hate dishonesty, I'm always keep it real with you. I cannot respect someone that's dishonest. I love money, that's bae :) I don't want or need any money from you. I take care of myself, I'll put the money on the phone or if you want to send pictures I'll take care of it. I have all my privileges as far as visits, phone, etc.

If you holla at me leave a # that I can stay in contact with you through.

Have a blessed day, stay safe, and pray for all of us to get through these terrible times.
Amritpal Mavi # 455842/4114891
7555 Waterlood Road
Jessup, MD 20794 USA

1st Degree Murder
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