Michael West
Michael West # 454465
8607 S E Flowermound Road
Lawton   OK   73501   USA
Let me tell you a little about myself.  I like sports, especially football. Dallas Cowboys are my favorite team. Softball ov team. I like to read my Bible every day and the Daily Bread when I wake up. I like to watch movies, mostly old and new, even romantic ones, some comedy too. I like to read true crime books, too sometimes. I like to go fishing, like to take long walks, even like to sit on the front porch at night to look up at the stars and moon. It’s pretty cool to me. I love to walk on the beach too. I like to go to church on Sunday and even watch some Christian TV’s channel, too. I even listen to the radio sometimes on the Christian radio channel, K-love is my favorite Christian station to listen to. I like to watch the local news to see what is happening or the world news like CNN to see what is happening around the world to keep up with it because you never know what you might be missing.

Plans when I get out is get a place in the country, maybe a double wide, have a nice garden too. Maybe a pretty big one, just a nice quiet place in the country where it’s nice and quiet to start a new life for myself, a good Christian life, as well. Maybe plant a bunch of flowers too, or different kinds of trees, small trees that eventually grow to make fruits, nuts and stuff like that. Always wanted to have my own place in the country and have things like that on my land to take care of. And whatever else I can come up with or do to make it a real nice place to live, where I will be very happy with myself, to change my life around and make it pleasant, too.

Well, I hope you like what I wrote about myself. It’s all true, I’m an honest person. I hope to hear from you or whoever.

Michael West

Ad Start: 11-04-21
Ad Expiration:  11-04-22
1st Degree Robbery, 85% Violent
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