Micouya Hardegree
Micouya Hardegree # 44878-480
F C I Waseca
P O Box 1731
Waseca   MN   56093   USA
I am a very laid back girl. I love to laugh and have a good time. I’m honest & am the type of a person that enjoys a good comedy & popcorn over a night at the club. I made a mistake & that mistake is going to cost me a good chunk of my life, so my interest is to better myself while here & build strong lasting friendships with people.

Some of my interests out in the world are swimming, fishing, really anything outside. I like to travel, if I could see the world, I definitely would. I’m an explorer at heart. I also enjoy home improvement type work, & gardening. I like football-watching, not playing LOL. I especially love to cook, bake especially. I tried to make a “cake boss” type cake one time & failed miserably, but it DID taste good LOL.

A long time ago, I started college for my associates in criminology forensics (weird, right?)  I LOVE science, but then I got into trouble & just gave up. I’m interested in pursuing a degree while I'm not sure yet what it is, I just know I want to further my education.

Now, as far as in here, I love to read, suspense, self help, National Geographic & much more. I am also easy going outside and in here as well. I guess I’ll stop now & leave some stuff a mystery LOL.

If you’d like to know more, feel free & welcome to write.

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