Donald Ashby
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Why.  When I think about life; Love and relations, this is one the many questions, about the past, present, and elusive future.  As you experience life, lessons are learned and questions are answered.  However there will always  be unanswered questions, unchallenged challenges, and trials untried.

What is your goal?  What Is your reasoning for being on this website?  Are you looking for love too?  Are you looking for companionship and friendship like me?  Are you looking, or are your wants, needs, and desires being fulfilled?

This is not a game!  Even though life should be fun, you have to be aware, that you are like a rock being thrown into a pond and the ripples are your actions and reactions; effecting your surroundings.  By cause-and-effect, a man is dead, and I am fighting for my life!  According to the laws of this country; my actions were justified in a fair trial will soon freebie.  That's a certainty.

I am 6 feet tall, 210 pounds of quick wit, charm and good humor.  I have hazel eyes, light brown hair, and an athletic muscular build; due to a physically demanding life, and I won't pretend that I'm not proud of my six pack abs and Roman statue like physique.

I'm a fierce protector, a selfish yet considerate lover, and an any holding loyal friend.  I am a loving, caring father and a compassionate faithful son, brother, and confidant.  Everyone loves a sunny day, but when you can stand in the rain and still smile and your character fabric is weighed and measured.  This defines you truth!  Real!  A rock!  I know what I want, and when I get it I'll know it, and so are you.  Are you ready to be loved like no other?  Are you ready to live?  Me too.

Note: I am a pre-trial detainee and I am to be considered as I am; innocent.  I'll wait trial which I feel will clear me of these charges.  Please do not pre-judge me because beyond even my feelings by the law I am innocent until proven guilty.

Women, Donations
Manslaughter, 2nd Degree PFO UNCONVICTED
Release Date
Ad Start: 05-27-21
Ad Expiration:  05-27-22