Alexander Byrd Jr
Alexander Byrd Jr # 440607
Roxbury Correctional Institution 2544478
1701 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown   MD   21746   USA
Greetings. My hopes are that as you scroll through my profile, all is well with you.

-Question: What Drew you to my profile If this question cannot be easily answered, maybe it’s destined for us to meet. My name is Alexander, but everyone calls me“Byrd”. I have an 8 year old son who means everything to me.

My hobbies include music, poetry and any activities with animals. I love to travel & new experiences, so hopefully this can be new for us both. I also have a great sense of humor.

I am serving a 20-year sentence for first-degree attempted murder, handgun violation &  probation violation. I'm moreless an open book with a great story waiting to be read & if you write, a response is promised. I want to leave you with some comic poetry:

- Dr. Seuss Parody-
- The stuff I drunk from under my bunk-
Last one night there was a terrible thunk-
A terrible thunk from under my bunk-
I said bunk buddy what was that thunk-
That terrible thunk from under the bunk-
He said it's time to drunk to get drunk-Drunk from the jump the big bag of jump I had under the bunk
So we drunk & we drunk- we drunk all the jump from the big bag we had- Put under the bunk
I stood up & I stumbled & fell with plump cause I was drunk from the jump from under my bunk.

I hope you enjoyed & write soon 😛

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Women, Friends
African American
1st Degree Attempted Murder, Hand Hun Violation
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