Emmanuel Hamilton
Emmanuel Hamilton # 439238
Stanley Correctional
P O Box 189
Phoenix   MD   21131   USA
Today presented me with a hopeful beginning! So I will treasure and appreciate the time and energy you put in looking at my page. Especially since real friends and friendships are hard to find. It is unfortunate we meet like this, but it is better now than ever!

So I will  take the bitter with the sweet and trust the idea that I have built an image of a beautiful found friend in time. So will you accept this friendship proposal? Can we bring out the best in each other by presenting happiness in the midst of a storm, or comfort when we are uneasy by what this life can bring. I am understanding, caring, intelligent, honest and confident. I am not perfect, nor do I try to be. I do all I can to be all I can be.

Physical attracts in the beginning, but I am attracted to women that are confident and self-reliant and cool with a heart that understands some people need a better half.

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