Jason Lofland
Hi, my name is Jason and I am looking for some people to write to and get to know.

Just so you know I'm still fighting my case and that could change my release date in the future. I'm hoping to be able to prove that  I'm innocent, so far the problem has been that I haven't had legal representation.

I'm a strait forward person and I would prefer if you were the same with me. I'm also pretty much an open book so feel free to ask me anything.

I'm the oldest of 5 but only grew up with 1 sister and my mother on Maryland's Eastern shore. You can think of me as country without all of the country music. I've been to a few big cities but it also will that it's not a place I choose to live because there are way too many people, being in the country is better for me not just because there are fewer people but also due to the fact that you're close to nature. I love being outside so being inside these 4 walls most of the day kills me.

I was in an abusive marriage seven years and got divorced soon after I was arrested. The only good to come off of itt is my 2 sons and my daughter who I miss more than anything. My divorce is the best thing to happen to me since I came in here besides getting my diploma.

I'm hoping to find someone one day who will treat me like a person and love me for who I am. Right now I would be happy with making friends with a few new people. I will ask that if you decide to write me that you be completely honest with me, I don't think that anybody likes being lied to. I also don't like playing with people's emotions so please don't play with mine.

Well that's all I can put on here right now. Happy trails and hope to hear from you soon.
Jason Lofland # 438667
Roxbury Correctional Institution
18701 Roxbury Road
Hagerstown, MD 21746 USA
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Wicca-Northern Tradition
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