Jonathan Coryell
I'm seeking to meet people interested in sharing their lives, thoughts, and feelings with another caring and compassionate person. I'm a liberal who is open and accepting of all nationalities, ethnicities, and faiths. I strive to understand and accept lifestyles and cultures different from my own.

I attended university several years. My major was business administration. I ran out of money before I could finish my degree. My interest in business remains strong as after I'm released I will start a business; a series of competitive gaming shops and host tabletop and videogame competitions.

I'm an adventurous person and like to explore and learn about anything new or interesting. I enjoy discussing any thought-provoking subject from science to literature. While I enjoy reading all forms of literature my favorite is science fiction. I also enjoy nonfiction, especially the memoirs of interesting women.

At another institution, I was a speaker for an outreach program called the HOPE program. Groups of at-risk youth came to the prison and the other members and I would speak with them about our choices and our pasts.

Musically I'm drawn to classical, rock, pop, Celtic, and recently symphonic metal. My preference is for strings and female vocals. I have a keyboard and am attempting to learn to play. The piano is extremely challenging for me. Its an enjoyable experience, at least on the good days. The keyboard is a recent purchase and is the first time I've chosen to learn an instrument.

I'm interested in all branches of science, especially space exploration, computers, and cutting edge science. Asia is fascinating especially the modern cultures of China and Japan. Other Asian countries are also interesting but I don't know much about them.

Cooking and baking have always interested me. At one point I even took a college credit vocational baking program and have watched way too many cooking shows. One of the things I'm looking forward to upon release is cooking, baking, and grilling all kinds of wonderful meals and sharing them with the people I love.

When I was a teen I liked to fish. I didn't get the opportunity to go fishing very often so fishing was a rare and prized activity. I loved being surrounded by nature, feeling the wind on my skin, & listening to the sound of the water. I'm looking forward to fishing again. Rod and reel, fly or ice, from a boat or at the shore, in a river or a stream, on the ocean or a lake, I can hardly wait to cast my lure away.

Fish is one of my favorite meals. I could eat fish every day. Seafood, in general, is amazing. The pollution in our fresh & saltwater bodies concerns me. I wouldn't say I'm an environmentalist, but I believe in good stewardship of the Earth.

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Jonathan Coryell # 429210
John Burke Correctional Center
P O Box 900 
Waupun, WI 53963 USA

Women, Friends
2nd Degree Reckless Homicide
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