Jeffrey Brown
I am looking for a nice, fun female friend of any race or religion

Someone that is willing to pass this time with and get to know. Prison is a very lonely and boring place. I do the usual working out, playing cards, and attend college classes, but it is not enough.

I am missing a valuable part of life that reading and writing letters could fill that void. I am an open-minded person willing to talk about any and everything.

Being surrounded by so many men can drive someone crazy and a fresh female perspective can make the world look different.

If you are already on this website I have to assume that you are an open-minded person, and if you stopped on my name long enough to read this then you are already halfway here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Mail policy here is a little strict. Letters have to be written in black or blue ink, pictures have to be printed on paper (color is okay). They are picky on smudges, perfumes, glitter's and lipstick on paper. Most important your address has to be included in your letter also, at least the first one. I can also send/receive emails and pictures through, which I know can be more convenient.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Jeffrey Brown  # 427334
3220 N Hubbard Street   
St. Louis, MI 48880 USA
1st° Home Invasion
Release Date
Ad Start: 06-11-20
Ad Expiration:06-11-21