Emmett Barrett
Emmett Barrett # 425782
David Wade Correctional Center
670 Bell Hill Road
Homer   LA   71040   USA
Hello there everyone calls me “BiG G”. I'm 240 pounds, all muscle open-minded, fun, loving, caring, devoted, dedicated and passionate man containing to that special woman who deserves all of these characteristics all combined with in one invested all in me, also I'm a music writer and not really big on outer looks, meaning facial an body wise as long as your appearance is everything that “screams” boss every time you step out, then the beauty within on the inside of you will automatically shine thru until the outside of you which makes you beautiful inside and out, all!!

I'm very mature in my mind as whoever is reading this can see. I'm into spoiling, pampering, sharing and catering as well as being spontaneous at all times too and with that special woman and hopefully you're not intimidated by being loved or an affection and being appreciated at all times ma. I’m very big on loyalty cause that is basically who I am and what I stand for just so hard to find these days. But when I find it I promise to honor you, cherish you and respect you and will never let go of you!!! Also I'm a muscle and fitness guy who also trains PPL who wants to get into shape physically. I enjoy socializing, networking and establishing solid foundations.  Remember happiness comes in many forms, at this current time the happiness we may seek comes in the form of a letter, in which words are very powerful whose ever tuned in stay sweet and may God lead you to your other half.

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African American
Open Minded
Release Date
04/23/2028 PED