Pierre Fletcher # 4253265
Eastern Correctional Institution - 472520
30420 Revells Neck Road
Westover   MD   21890   USA
Pierre Fletcher
My name is Pierre Fletcher and I’m mixed with Indian, Portuguese and Jamaican. My mother is Portuguese and Indian, and my father is Jamaican.

I’m from Washington D.C., from a neighborhood called South West Green Leaf. I went to Roosevelt High and graduated and then I attended Bowie State University. While going, my major was English Grammar. I chose that to be my major because I love to write poetry, that’s my passion. I hope to complete a poetry book someday.

I didn’t complete my schooling because I started traveling to different places to learn by myself. Through my traveling, I ended up catching a case and now I’m doing a sentence that I was convicted of which is Benefiting Financially and Poss. of a gun.

I am a very laid back type of guy, funny at times and I’m also very down to earth.

I’m looking for a female with those same qualities and who is also very adventurous and not scared to do or try new things in life.

I also go by Glacial “Gla” Proctor, that’s a family name, so I love to go by Gla.

I hope it’s someone out there for me, that I can connect with on a mental, spiritual, physical and loveable journey. Now here is one of my poems, I hope you all like it.

The Rebeling Sinner
Created by darkness, a rebel Sinner was born.
Surrounded by evil, the rebel Sinner conforms.
Guided by feelings when pain is the norm.
This rebel Sinner rejects the pains he’s adorn.
One night when he dreamed of light.
This dream of light sparked his fight.
His fight for light awakes his Knights and now they fight to liberate his life.
Knowledge is Power and Power is the key, to unchain their souls from the Power’s that be.
No matter how dark, you need the light to see.
This rebel Sinner is in fact trying to break free.
Free from the darkness and the powers that be.
Written by, Glacial Proctor 😆

Portuguese, Jamaican
Benefitting Financially, Felon of a Gun
Ad Start: 10-28-2021
Ad Expiration: 10-28-2022