Derrick Clark # 423199
Allen Correctional Center
3751 Lauderdale Woodyard Road
Kinder   LA   70648   USA
Derrick Clark
Hey there, Prison Pen Pals. My name is Derrick Clark, better known as De, Clark, I’m 41 yrs old, & single. Never been married, nor do I have any kids! My religion is non-denomination. I’m a firm believer in the Universal Creator, Almighty God though, 100% plus. I’m originally from Beaumont, TX. Relationship preference, it really doesn’t matter what color or race you may be.  I ain’t picky at all but, I do admire a beautiful, attractive woman. I also love all people and respect all people that display it like myself. Therefore, I am anticipating a response from Mrs. Angel whom God sends my way.

Henceforth I’m currently locked up on a first Degree Robbery and I’ve been down 10 summers, plus still in the process of going back to court here in a second to have my 24 year sentence vacated, due to poor investigation and tampering with evidence the officers made on their behalf. Therefore, the sun will soon brighten up my world again, once my attorney gets this court date. So, as of now, I’m just being patient, because freedom is soon to come.

I would appreciate the opportunity to bond with a real Queen before I’m released. Because everyone deserves a real companion and love life. Henceforth my field of work on the outside, Barber, art work, painting and making pictures, writing poetry, music, HipHop to be exact. Yes, I’m very artistic and highly intelligent despite where I might be presently at, at this moment. Yes, I am very outgoing & open minded & by my words, I will allow you to decide if I’m smart & intelligent. I love women, despite my past inconsistencies at being able to learn how to love. Plus I’m in height 6’2 & weigh 170 lbs. And the truth is, I’m highly interested in getting to know someone who enjoys chatting, writing, learning, growing, solving problems & talking about things that are positively interesting. Also, I’m a great listener that likes to share ideas in making the most of every situation everyday.

Since & during my time of incarceration, I have seriously educated my mental faculty to the best of my ability. And I thank God for giving me those efforts and strengths to follow on through with advancing my higher self, to the point of overstanding knowledge and wisdom.

Have a Nice Day, Sincerely, De Clark

African American
1st Degree Robbery
On Appeal
Ad Start: 10-14-2021
Ad Expiration: 10-14-2022